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"We are honest, reliable, hard working & well informed. We take pride in our work and will serve you well."

We offer several methods of NDT, performed On-Site or In-House. Including:

  • VI   (visual inspection)
  • UT   (ultrasonic testing)
  • PT   (dye penetrant testing)
  • MT   (magnetic particle testing)
  • MLO   (magnetic lift-off)
  • LT   (leak testing)
  • PMI   (positive material identification)

We offer Estimates, On-Site Consultations, Customized Designs and Engineers Stamps (when needed).

  • Supported Scaffolds
  • Rolling Scaffolds
  • Stair Towers
  • Shoring Scaffolds
  • Trash Chutes
  • Scaffold Rentals
  • Scaff-Lite Wrap (dust & debris containment)

We offer a multi-component, engineered scaffold system, designed to interlock directly together, for the construction of patented or customized scaffold designs.

  • Affordable Rates
  • Knowledgable Staff
  • Quality Materials
  • Pick Up and Delivery available (fees may apply)

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